TR DI Michael Manhart, GF Skilifte Lech Bildstein GmbH, Rüfikopf Seilbahn AG, Bergbahn Lech-Oberlech, Skilifte Schröcken

It takes objective analyses and solid facts to assess the preliminary situation before you can proceed with strategic planning. Dietmar Jochum is definitely the best man for this job. As well as having the skills to communicate and demonstrate issues precisely, as a professional he knows what matters.

Analyzing the flow of skiers – determining the actual movements of skiers – turned out to be an interesting project for Lech. Besides, Dietmar Jochum also helped us to successfully put the planning of the connecting ski areas into action, something which had been under discussion for over 40 years. Hallelujah!

If a client gets stuck or has no idea how to proceed, their best option is to work together with JOCHUM.CONSULTING.

Klaus Wiethüchter, GF Skilifte Schröcken Strolz GmbH

Having an external and independent expert not only brings clarity to how to implement a project, it also helps to facilitate the internal decision-making processes.

For years, Dietmar Jochum has been an important contact person for us when it comes to comprehensive planning and the development of individual projects (e.g. optimization, terrain correction, variant and feasibility studies, geodata management, 3D visualization etc.).

We have repeatedly received very positive feedback from local authorities about the precise documentation done by JOCHUM.CONSULTING. We consider this to be a crucial factor in our dealings with local government that positively impacts the planning permission process. As a result, people have a high degree of trust in us.

When cooperating, we provide very deep insights into our company structures. This requires an underlying foundation of trust. JOCHUM.CONSULTING. has more than earned our trust.

Hansueli Schläppi, hotel manager and former managing director of the Adelboden-Lenk ski region and Genossenschaft Lenk Bergbahnen

All lift managers think they know their ski area better than anyone else. However, do they ever take the time to look at it from someone else’s point of view?

Many lift managers like to come up with arguments that are only important for their own businesses. They often ignore the fact that a ski area and the region directly connected with it can only function successfully if all the people involved benefit. It used to be that a far from optimal investment hardly had any negative consequences for a business. Today, every replacement or new acquisition is almost like a match ball in tennis and may easily herald the decline of a business or an area.

Looking back on 30 years of being active in the tourism industry I can highly recommend JOCHUM.CONSULTING. to everyone. This enterprise is 100% independent; its findings are based on objective data and facts and are not influenced by blinkered views or vested interests.

This is, in fact, the only way to convince sceptics and create positive public awareness. Tourism executives will be free to act again and the region will progress even further.

Manfred Fiegl, former tourism director of Lenzerheide

The biggest problem in the tourism industry is that tourist destinations have no reliable, measurable data concerning customer behaviour, volume and use of local infrastructure. Locations for services and new infrastructure, for example, are chosen on the basis of personal experiences and opinions and, very frequently, also on account of political considerations. Locations are, however, rarely considered because of the tourists' "natural" behaviour onsite or due to already existing clusters (e.g.: Where do we have a large number of rent-out holiday flats? Well, so let’s plan a bus service there or, for instance, the tourist information office.).

Developing a service/an infrastructure can well be compared to building a house. Unfortunately, this often happens without the proper foundations first being laid. A house without foundations will soon become either an unfinished building or a permanent construction site.

JOCHUM.CONSULTING.’s services mean that its solid foundations can be laid prior to the development of a project. This results in decisions that are well informed and investments that are as cost effective as possible.