Klaus Wiethüchter, GF Skilifte Schröcken Strolz GmbH

Having an external and independent expert not only brings clarity to how to implement a project, it also helps to facilitate the internal decision-making processes.

For years, Dietmar Jochum has been an important contact person for us when it comes to comprehensive planning and the development of individual projects (e.g. optimization, terrain correction, variant and feasibility studies, geodata management, 3D visualization etc.).

We have repeatedly received very positive feedback from local authorities about the precise documentation done by JOCHUM.CONSULTING. We consider this to be a crucial factor in our dealings with local government that positively impacts the planning permission process. As a result, people have a high degree of trust in us.

When cooperating, we provide very deep insights into our company structures. This requires an underlying foundation of trust. JOCHUM.CONSULTING. has more than earned our trust.