TR DI Michael Manhart, GF Skilifte Lech Bildstein GmbH, Rüfikopf Seilbahn AG, Bergbahn Lech-Oberlech, Skilifte Schröcken

It takes objective analyses and solid facts to assess the preliminary situation before you can proceed with strategic planning. Dietmar Jochum is definitely the best man for this job. As well as having the skills to communicate and demonstrate issues precisely, as a professional he knows what matters.

Analyzing the flow of skiers – determining the actual movements of skiers – turned out to be an interesting project for Lech. Besides, Dietmar Jochum also helped us to successfully put the planning of the connecting ski areas into action, something which had been under discussion for over 40 years. Hallelujah!

If a client gets stuck or has no idea how to proceed, their best option is to work together with JOCHUM.CONSULTING.